Self Rescue for Climbers

Self Rescue for Climbers
No climber ever wants to be in a position where they have to self rescue. Solving problems for climbers starts with problem avoidance, and that is one aspect of this course that we focus on - recognising how and when things might go wrong, and putting measures in place to stop that happening. However, all of us sometimes find ourselves in a bit of a pickle, and being able to deal with that safely, quickly, and effectively is all part of the experienced climbers skill-set.

On this three-day intensive course we start with the basics, and build on them until you feel confident that should anything go wrong during your climbing adventures, you'll have a useful 'toolbox' of skills from which you can draw to help you solve the dilemma, and get yourself and your climbing partner out of trouble.

The syllabus for our Self Rescue course is varied, but we aim to cover the following:

  • Problem avoidance
  • Tools of the self rescuer
  • Tying off a belay device and/or Italian hitch
  • Escaping the system with anchors within reach
  • Escaping the system with anchors out of reach
  • Prussiking up and down a fixed rope
  • Prussiking, lowering, and abseiling past a knot in the rope
  • Assisted hoists
  • Unassisted hoists
  • Accompanied abseils
  • Counterbalance abseils
  • Traverse rescues
  • Calling for help

We offer a three-day course in the Lake District, bookable on demand throughout the year, and need two people for a course to run effectively. Ideally, these courses should be booked by people who regularly climb together, so you're learning the same skill-set that each of you would use to rescue the other in the real world.

For these courses, each climbing pair would need their own climbing gear, including their usual rack, plus two prussik loops each made from 6mm or 7mm cord measuring about 40cm each once tied. We provide the ropes for these courses.


These courses are bookable on demand, and cost £490 per course (£245 per person).

To book a Self Rescue for Climbers course, or to discuss any rock climbing course with us, contact us by email, through our contact form or call now on 01931 713351
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