Off The Wall Courses

More and more people every year take up rock climbing as a hobby. A huge number of these new climbers start out on their local indoor wall, where typically they'll learn how to put on a harness, tie on to the rope, and how to belay each other. This makes for a great start as a climber, but taking those skills outdoors can be a daunting prospect. Suddenly, there is a whole lot more to learn. You've got to find the crag, use a guidebook to work out where the climbs go, understand the grades of the climbs, and if it's a trad crag (which most are here in the UK) you've got to grapple with placing protection and building safe belay anchors at the top of each pitch.

On my 'Off The Wall' courses the aim is to help you with this transition. You will draw on my 30 years experience as a climber and enjoy your first outdoor classic climbs, whilst also learning all the basics such as using a guidebook, understanding trad grades, making sense of all the trad gear, tying in to belay anchors to make yourself safe, outdoor belaying, typical rope systems we use for outdoor climbing, stance management and ropework, and getting back down off the crag safely afterwards. All while having a great time on some of the best rock climbs the Lake District has to offer.
These Off The Wall courses are suitable for one or two people, either booking together or as individuals. Course dates are available throughout the year, to suit you, so get in touch to arrange your Off The Wall course today.

The course fee covers all instruction from me, Graham Uney, plus all the technical equipment that is needed for the day. So that's harnesses, helmets, ropes, and a full trad rack for you to play with and familiarise yourself with. The only thing we don't include is rock shoes, as climbers making the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing usually already have their own (you might have some other gear of your own, which is fine too if you want to use that!). However, if you don't have your own rock shoes we can even start the day at one of the local outdoor shops in the Lakes, and get you fitted out with a suitable pair.

1-day course £160 for 1 person, £190 for 2 people (£95 each) 

2-day course £280 for 1 person, £320 for 2 people (£160 each)

3-day course £420 for 1 person, £450 for 2 people (£225 each)

To book an Off The Wall climbing course, or to discuss any rock climbing course with us, contact us by email, through our contact form or call now on 01931 713351
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