Learning to Lead Advanced

Learning to Lead Advanced Course
This is a 5-day course aimed at those who are new to lead trad climbing, who want to progress quickly with their lead climbing through having the maximum amount of client:instructor time to learn the skills, and to put them into practice. 

We start this course by going through the same syllabus as on our 2-day 'Basics' course, then build on those skills learned to teach you about multi-pitch climbing, managing stances on party ledges and on small or hanging stances. We look at rope systems, and how to manage lead-throughs and swap-overs on stances. We also appreciate that at the end of this course our clients are likely to go out multi-pitch climbing without an instructor (we hope that you will!), so we also look at other skills that often get ignored - such as where to get a decent weather forecast to help you plan your day, what clothing and extra equipment you might want to carry, and we also include a lot of navigation training so you can get yourselves down off the mountain after you've climbed your chosen rock-face.

But, and this is an exciting but, we don't want the whole course to be only about checking forecasts, getting to the crag, building belays, and navigation. We want you to climb too! We'll take you to some simply stunning locations during this course, and will give you the opportunity to climb some amazing routes, either as a second, or on a top-rope, or on the lead if you're keen to have a go on the sharp end. 

This 5-day course is mainly Lakes based, but we may travel further afield on one or more days to introduce you to different climbing styles and rock types. So as well as climbing in the superb mountain country of the Lake District National Park, you may also get to climb on Yorkshire gritstone, or limestone, or perhaps some sea-cliff climbing at St. Bee's Head or in Dumfries and Galloway. The options are endless.

This course is aimed at anyone who is ready to start learning the skills to become a safe lead climber, but you will be under no pressure during the week to get on the sharp end and lead. That choice will be yours. If you do want to lead, I'll chose routes that are appropriate, so that you can concentrate on the business of placing protection, moving well on rock, and building sound belays, rather than worrying about falling off. And for your first leads there will be a safety rope in place too, and I'll be right alongside of you to help with those tricky choices about where and how to place protection.

These courses are for two people, either booking together, or I can sometimes pair up two individual bookings if the dates work well.

Dates are arranged to suit you, so just drop me a line to get the ball rolling.


£820 for 2 people (so £410 per person)


To book a Learning to Lead Advanced Course, or to discuss another rock climbing course with us, contact us by email, through our contact form or call now on 01931 713351
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